Thursday, October 6, 2011

ONE FELL SWOOP - The Lust Detector

This was a busy week for OFS. The title of this release was drawn from a 1986 porno ,listed in the worst films of all time , The Lust Detector. The girl on the cover art ,seen above ,is Bunny Bleu ,one of the stars of this monstrosity. Mimi , an old girlfriend of mine ,was present for this recording ,and sings on the last track ,"Some French Thing". And Mimi looks almost exactly like the girl pictured above ,lucky me ,huh?. There is a cover of the "Log" theme ,from Ren & Stimpy ,as we were big fans at the time. All the recordings up til this one ,were done in Joel's room ,at Cat Machine House , while this ,and the next few ,were done in Ed's living room,in Lehigh Acres,tanked up on beer and smoke, Recorded October 6th ,1991 ,20 years ago today!

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