Monday, October 3, 2011

TEENAGE MUSTACHE - I Need Cigarettes

From one of the geniuses behind bands like Skindust and The Rocky Dennis Picture Show ,comes this solo offering. Not as noisy or crusty as the aforementioned bands ,this is a bit more subdued ,dare I say ,mellow! Still noisy ,just not as noisy. Very experimental and lo-fi.
Here's some notes from the artist:
Band: Teenage Mustache
Album: I Need Cigarettes
Genre: Avant-Garde/Noise

Track Listing:

01 Supernutz
02 Basement Fucker
03 Perry Cale
04 Steve Pool's Alarm Clock
05 African-American Sabbath
06 Personality Fetish: 38 Chapters Of The Book That God Read And Shit Herself
07 Outer Space Mongoloid
08 Ode To Mediocrity
09 Shit Of Radio
10 Nude Midget Volleyball
11 I Can't Wait To Bleed (Tuberculosis)
12 Crib Death? No, I Fucked It To Death!
13 Intestines Full Of My Shit
14 In A Coital Embrace With The Woman That BORE You
15 Police Drama Theme Song
16 The Shape Of Punk Cum/A Cock Jerked Orange
17 Circus Rapist
18 The Shit Of Radio (Reprise)

Dead Ken Frilly - Vocals, electic guitar, keyboard, guitar tuner, tapes, microphone, feedback,
FM radio.

Recorded on June 24th, 2011 on a karaoke machine.

CD/Download version cover art by Kyle White. Cassette version cover art by Dead Ken Frilly.

Inspirations: The Gerogerigegege, Anal Cunt, Frank Zappa, Flux Of Pink Indians, Merzbow,
Mike Patton, Boredoms, The Shaggs, John Zorn, Black Sabbath, Dystopia, piss, shit, the 70s,
Degrassi High episodes, pizza, soda, ganja, broken jaws, Kathi Goertzen's stroke mouth.

I Can't Wait To Bleed (Tuberculosis):

Why are you eating me? I'm the one to set you free,
please take a pee on me, making your pussy bleed.


(Repeat 3x)

How long have you been driving?
Crib Death? No, I Fucked It To Death!:

Jew. Oh my god. Hold my hand. Oh my back.
Intestines Full Of My Shit:

Intestines full of my shit! (Repeat ad nauseum)
In A Coital Embrace With The Woman That BORE You:

Never rest again. Never sleep again? Yeah. Why are you cheating on me, Jesus?
Police Drama Theme Song:

Why are you still talking to me?
The Shape Of Punk Cum:

Hold my hand, man.
A Cock Jerked Orange:

Will you help us?


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