Friday, October 14, 2011

ONE FELL SWOOP - Nipples For Demons To Suck Shit Out Of

A 9-song ,college-rock extravaganza! There is a cover of Syd Barrett's ,"Terrapin" ,which we also performed live ,frequently. The rest is the standard by which all other alt-rock ,diy ,indie bands are to be judged! Just great tunes and words,fine sounding guitars ,weird keys ,and the pizza pan /drum rim /typewriter case ,drum-kit! Ed,Joel,& Chipmonk ,carried on this way for 6 months ,or more. Other bands spawned during this time frame were: The Apocalyptic Centurions , The Magic Nose Goblins I and II , The Angry Rednecks ,Stonehenge Mouth ,amongst others! All these bands can be found on this blog! OFS was an institution (or maybe should have been put in an institution) ,in the downtown Ft. Myers scene,gettin' that gate open for the flood of kids who saw us,and started their own bands!

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