Friday, October 7, 2011

ONE FELL SWOOP - Kunga Sludge

Continuing on the same theme as the previous release, Kunga Sludge ,a/k/a James Avalon, a/k/a Mondo Tundra,a/k/a Monty Tundra , directed the film , The Lust Detector. We must have watched it ,before recording these tapes.Oh yeah ,that's Kunga on the cover ,pictured above. More good college rock stuff ,which includes Mimi again on "70's/80's Medley" ,which covers songs by:Bananarama,The Jefferson Airplane,Black Sabbath(2x),Def Leppard,AC/DC(2x),REO Speedwagon,and Kiss! Relationship Rock! Recorded October 7 ,1991 ,20 yrs ago today!Under the influence of Afghani Skunk!

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