Monday, October 3, 2011

ONE FELL SWOOP - Goddamn You Rabbits

Whoa!!!!! The last song here is a 3 part suite entitled ,"Squabble Starving Tonic" ,and it's like 45 minutes long! There are many more fine cuts here as well. Another swipe at Sonic Youth's ,"Cross The Breeze" , a sermon ,"Raw Dog" , as well as more cryptic crud. This is where the Swoop ,starts picking up on a blues vibe ,which followed them till the end. The lead-off track title , "Personal To Mickey Thomas " ,came from a scathing Robert Christgau review of one of Jefferson Starship's late 70's albums. And here is Bob ,with that review ,reprinted here ,for your convenience,and pleasure:

Freedom at Point Zero [Grunt, 1979]
Hawkwind-goes-commercial leads off one side, Foreigner-hurries-home the other; both cuts are catchy, both sexist tripe. The rest of the album is a familiar muddle of fixations: space travel, good-time, the deluge, the possession of pretty girls. Personal to Mickey Thomas: ain't nobody gonna boogie to the moons of Saturn. C-

Fuck Jefferson Bullshit!! here's the real low-down on music .recorded Oct. 1 ,1991

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