Tuesday, October 6, 2009

L C X M E-lee county experimental music ensemble-live at the 5455 jazz fest july 2-4,1995

this is but one session(really 2)recorded on july 2nd (first 2 tracks),and july 4th,1995.me,joel,mike smith and vance are the combo.kinda free jazz/punk,mostly guitars(phased)sometimes replacing horns,drums,and samples.(some uncuts are in there,a little sax,some sitar,and unconventional instruments like an electric blender,various utensils,and more.)we were denied an art grant for this group,but we carried on anyway thru several tapes.this is live at the 5455 jazz fest,on the green,in front of a crowd of thousands.we did a few gigs at different jazz/blues clubs,and a few more festivals,all of which will be posted,eventually!calling on the spirits of sun ra,charles mingus,john coltrane,archie shepp,pharoh sanders,albert ayler,and rashied ali(there is an ode to him here),among other jazz greats,and trying to be similar to the chicago free jazz movement,or one of our faves,ensemble muntu(who we played with once!)there's more to come from this exciting free jazz/punk combo!bet you can't wait!
CLICK HERE  https://archive.org/download/LCXME-leeCountyExperimentalMusicEnsemble-liveAtThe5455JazzFest/236Lcxme-July241995.zip 

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