Monday, October 5, 2009


this is from way before sluggisha,the first wave of ft. myers ,fl. punk,1977-1981.michael griffin is on vox,johnny bevins on guitar,also joe hunnicut,robert fontaine,dave roth,julie roth,and brandy.most of this is hardcore,before there was such thing.some intros to songs sound like the fall,and at least one track sounds like an outtake from teenage jesus and the jerks(lydia lunch)lots of early u.k. punk influences as well.almost flipper in spots.only 11 tracks,some lyrics by dee dee taylor.recorded in mike's bedroom,these 11 tracks spawned the first wave scene,locally.great old school punk,from the hood!anymore info anyone?pics,stories,etc.,send 'em in!thanks,G O D

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Anonymous said...

wow--John Bevins...haven't heard THAT name in DECADES!! Although I am on the wrong post for it, I totally remember the 4 freedoms gig.