Thursday, October 15, 2009


this is tardcore by sheer virtue of acid addled brain damage.richard martin on vox,brian reed drums,dave on bass,dug boone guitar,and steve reed guitar.they all play everything and switch up on vocals sometimes.i also hear keys and harmonica at points.most of this sounds like the recording style of the original old black bluesmen,and some lyrics and tunes have that downtrodden bluesy feel.richard is quite a character.some of his vocals are reminiscent of g.g.allin or sam kinison.and according to the song ,"richard's lament","he looks like sam kinison ,on a bad day,without his make-up on".features the worst covers you'll ever hear of u2's"sunday bloody sunday",and ac/dc's"highway to hell".funnier than hell!the longest ,and final track"we're orcs!",is uncharacteristic of the rest of the tape,and should be a college rock hit!there are some instrumental jams sprinkled in,and these guys thank the grateful dead and phish and hendrix in their liner notes.kinda like a tardcore mix of those artists.broken into 2 files ,as it was long.punks who became deadheads,this is punk!vive le' tardcore!



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Wow i haven't heard this in years brian reed