Thursday, October 15, 2009


this trio of me,vance,and tony,only ever recorded these two tracks.vance and i duet on vox on the first song,tony sings on the second track.the name of the band fits with the lyrical content as well as the sound.very scary if you don't know us,if i heard someone playing this live ,i'd be looking for the nearest door!kinda rubs elbows with a few other sluggisha bands,but retains it's own identity.pretty nice little single!


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Anonymous said...

y'know what? I seem to recall ANOTHER version of THE MURDERERS, which was essentially KIKE, but all the songs lyrics were culled from my voracious consumption of 'true-crime' books on 'Torture Killers' and the like...I really have NO recollection of this recording, despite it clearly being my vocals on the one track.