Saturday, October 3, 2009

QUAALUDE--another lude

once again the slowest doom band ever,period,end of story!this version of quaalude is me,joel,chipmunk,billy,shane,and sean sommers,and is all on one speaker,sorry,we did'nt even know the tape was recording so fast,so in playback it was super mega slow,so how were we to know it would only record on one speaker?we did'nt.some fine trumpet playing by shane on."lower east mexico,ft.myers" and some scary vocals on the 4th and final track.this was actually recorded minutes before the other quaalude tape(look on this blog for it!) and has shorter songs.pretty industrial and spooky.check it out.baroque dub by tardly friends


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premo-vs.-the world said...

The best acid trip music ever....