Thursday, October 8, 2009

ASSEATER-back from the bowels of HELL!

yes,the boys are back from hell,on this their second full length.a bit slower,more doomy,yet still has grindcore blasts,and the black/death metal thing going.almost like psych/black/death/doom/grind!the tune,"hellbeast" ,features iggy,the dog.49 songs whizz by in no time,tho the first track is lengthy,at 2:06,the last track is 2:25,and the only track longer is clocked at 2:42.everything else is less than 2 minutes usually between 1 second and 1 minute.the vocals are so deep it's like a bass rumble.makes the singer from mortician sound like liza minelli.don't get mad,i love mortician,i'm just saying,archdemon's vocals are l-o-o-o-w-w-w!
the 1st lp is right below this and the 3rd and i feel,most accomplished tape is elsewhere on this blog,find it now!

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