Monday, October 5, 2009


this is more old ft.myers,fl punk,2 live shows,2 line-ups.first show is at edison community college,5 songs(well,one spoken piece)with mike griffin,dave roth,nathan adams,randy stack and peter kreutlein,from 1985.second show is 7 songs(including a fine cover of the 13th floor elevators,"you're gonna miss me) with mike,dave,shane pringle,tony rizzo,and peter on keys,at 4 freedoms park in cape coral,from 1986.these fellas have great songs like,"noisemaker","the axe","20 minutes","tommorow now!",and more.sounding much like early pere ubu,d.a.f.,cabaret voltaire,and more synthy electronic bands from the 80's.very rockin' and highly enjoyable.mike said he would send some newer stuff to be posted,that would be great as it is more of his noise/power electronics stuff,so yipee!

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premo-vs.-the world said...

I fucking love this band! This is some noisey ass shit! Anyone into noise will more than likely love this.