Friday, October 2, 2009

BLOOD RED OSCARS-ketchup hot dog

Another collection of the funniest shit you'll ever hear in your life.A cover of Ace Frehley and Kiss,some rare lost tracks,and some of the worst stuff that was left off the first three albums(posted elsewhere on this very blog!).Sped up voices,punk instrumentation,super tardcore!Satan Peabody is a nympho stud!And he challenges everyone to be stupider than him!If you think you are more tardcore,send a tape of you or your band in and we'll post it!And you shall find no one is dumber than the Blood Red Oscars,except possibly Sockeye(hi Food!).Enjoy this,there's still more to come!If you're not sure you can hear this(very un-p.c.)you probably should!