Wednesday, December 14, 2011


Our comrade ,and member of several Sluggisha bands ,as well as Apples In Stereo ,and his own , Vince Mole & His Calcium Orchestra. This is his latest project ,The Chris Parfitts! 4 songs ,the first ,"Brought To You By Bud Weiser" ,is a typical Chris intro ,with his own voice overdubbed ,as to make it more confusing and trippy. The second track,"See The Red One", reminds me very much of some of my own ,Noisekillr moments ,what with a delay pedal ,and wangin' guitars,all instrumental! The 3rd song,"Destruction Blues", is a blues/skronk hybrid,with Chris's swell vocals,which is reminiscent of his work with Cat Machine/One Fell Swoop. The fourth and final piece,"Meet The Raffles" ,has monkey/bird samples interspersed throughout ,and this is just a great thing to hear. Trippy ,experimental ,awesome,wild,great ,are some adjectives to describe this release.Chris is one of the best guitarists ,and all-around musicians,(and great dudes) ,that I've had the pleasure of knowing. Found this on bandcamp ,but felt it should be here ,with the rest of his legacy.Chris ,if you're out there ,gimme some hope! This claims to have been released ,Dec. 31 ,2011 ,so it's kinda futuristic. Joel ,Tony ,and everyone who knows Chris ,give him praise here in the comments box. Hopefully he'll contact us!


Anonymous said...

Ed, this is not a solo project.
It's my uncle Chris Parfitt, and myself recording from an alternate time stream. We play acid rock on stolen guitars and chow down on California Cheesebugers.Still trying to get Chris Parfitt from 60's Aussie psych band Hi-Revving Tongues to join.
Chip "Felonious" Monk

G O D said...

Hope this is really you ,Chris! Haven't heard from you in some time,You could send in a Cat Machine cover for the compilation ,:"Building A Better Mousetrap:A Tribute To Cat Machine" out soon on Lava Church Records. I could probably get you in (provided the guy hasn't already started the pressing process!) I need to also write a small piece ,and send him flyers,pics,etc. for an enclosed booklet.Tony is supposed to do the cover art (it's in the works!) and also write a piece.So far there is 28 tracks from 26 bands! Anyway ,really great to hear from you!Please do drop me a line ,I'd love to talk to you ,for real! Thanks again ,Ed