Thursday, December 8, 2011

SKINDUST - A Skindust Christmas

Just in time for the season! Seattle's own avant-tarde ,noisecore boys ,are here with somethin' fresh for your yuletide! A weird alternate-universe type of xmas album is what you'll be getting here.There is a short(00:12 ) Aerosmith cover,and no traditional Christmas songs in sight. There is a bit of a woodwinds section on some tunes here,while others adhere to the more trad Skindust sound.Here's notes from the band :
A Skindust Christmas
December 7th, 2011

01 Overpopulation
02 Fancy Shoezzz
03 Aerosmith Cover
04 Bear Raping Kittens
05 Flutecore Championz
06 Chinese Secrets Of The Ganja Sisterhood
07 Coming Up West Side
08 2 Seconds Of Hell (Basketball, Oh Baby)
09 Flacia
10 Ha, I Wonder
11 Popcorn Mmm
12 Skrillex Diss Rap
13 Thank You
14 Buffalo New York
15 And The Doctor Said
16 A Tale Of
17 I'm Broke

Frank Silverberg - Vocals, flute, guns, swag, attitude, root beer, baseball bats, cigarette packs
Spaceship Andy - Vocals, flute, popcorn, metal, lighter, swords, FL Studio, samples

Recorded on November 28th, 2011.


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