Friday, December 2, 2011

EIGHT BALLS - Play The Dixie Sound - It's A Long , Long Way To Tippeary b/w Lazy River

Is there four guys in this band? (8 balls = 4 guys?) , no there's eight old codgers The much revered Oleika Eight Balls ,a famous Shriner band that formed in 1957 ,playing that dixieland jazz sound!I think this is from around 1969,which is weird cause there was lots of hippies and shit back then ,and you would think some jokers like this would be lost in the shuffle of psych-rock and lsd awareness ,but they soldiered on thru that tree-hugger crap ,to play for Shriners across this great land! See how this and the 2 posts above this all have "balls" of some sort in the band name or album title? Yeah ,I did that!

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