Saturday, December 24, 2011

SANTA IS HERE TO KILL YOU!! 2011 Xmas compilation

To make your holiday season bright,and for some easy(yeah,right!) listening while wrapping and/or unwrapping those gifts within the next 12 hours or so ,I give you this hastily slapped together xmas compilation that is sure to raise some eyebrows out there! Totally weird stuff from all over the web ,compiled here for your pleasure! Don't let that "hastily slapped together" line fool ya ,tho! this compilation has balls!And they're rather large balls at that!You ever hear of "Incredibly Strange Music"? This comp will make that crud look like top 40 radio!There's dj shit,black/death core(from Unicorn Hole ,a new fave) ,Sluggisha classics,noise,old timey shit you never heard of ,humorous stuff ,and just kick in the ass oddball stuff that won't be found compiled like this anywhere else in the world!Stuff that I listened to at work the last few days ,and kinda picked what was to go on here.Everyone enjoy it ,and Merry Christmas!!And get the rest of the xmas shit on this blog.The search bar at the top of the page sucks,just scan down to the column on the right ,with keywords ,and llok for xmas or christmas or santa ,etc.!.Tons of shit to be found!!

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kaagootaabaa said...

fuck yes!!! merry x-mas G O D!!!!