Saturday, December 24, 2011

ONE FELL SWOOP - Mouth Feels Like Summer

A 5 song release. The first(Our Normal Level) and 3rd(Thinning The Blood) tracks are instrumentals that will twist your melon! The second and 4th songs have vocals and are about "Flat Cops" and "Carsick". The 5th track,"Phonesick" is a 19 part movement ,focusing on 19 seperate crank calls ,with hilarious keyboard pre-sets,and added percussion and guitars!Some calls are hilarious ,one is with an uncooperative(at least because of knowing she was being taped,usually she was extremely easy to get talking!) stripper,and a lousy attempt at phone sex! Must be heard to be believed.A fucking riot shall ensue.
This was recorded on Dec.21,1991. The next recording was posted previously on this blog ,from 12/24/1991 ,it's One Fell Swoop Xmas! Look for it somewhere on this massive blog of over 1000 posts!!! This one is great ,though! See original cover art in zip ,deemed too wild for xmas posting!

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