Friday, December 2, 2011

ONE FELL SWOOP - Two Cannonball Dinner

Rounding out the "balls" trilogy today ,we have an album from 12/3/1991 ,from the underground losers ,One Fell Swoop. This is the pinnacle of albums dedicated to the downtrodden ,homeless,drunk ,junkie ,loser ,in all of us. Even the song titles spell it out. I did notice that all 9 songs are titled with three word phrases. Starting off with an almost 13 minute instrumental jam ,"We Haven't Smoked" , (although it does sound like we did ,in fact ,smoke!) ,and a sound that will knock your drunk ass to the couch ,so's you can listen and enjoy the rest."Real Hobo Smell" ,a tale of being a bum ,a tramp ,a hobo ,"Cough Syrup Summer" ,cuz it's a cheap buzz , "Burned Out Believers" ,for the beat-down by religion losers ,"Geez , Naw , Thud" ,a dreamer's soliloquy ,also include in the live set list of the band ,"Pot So Smart" ,for the pot heads who can't get jobs because of piss tests , "The Wheezing Monument" ,for the elderly who don't wanna go into a home ,or have their car taken away ,"Frozen Hamburger Shower" ,for the junk food we must eat to survive ,and ending off with ,"Rubber Dollar Bill" ,for everyone who's ever been fast-talked or scammed! The music is cohesive with a bluesy bent.As always ,we switch vocal/drum/guitar duties frequently. Really great band ,with another winner of an album about losers!

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