Thursday, December 1, 2011

ONE FELL SWOOP - Dogs With Rat Suits On

We titled this album after viewing the B-movie stinker ,"The Killer Shrews" ,and noted that the "shrews" ,were merely dogs ,dressed in rat get-ups! The music is pretty consistent on this one ,with a cohesive sound and feel. I don't recall if I ever mentioned this ,but we were based around a 2 guitar sound ,never used a bass guitar , but als o utilized the pizza pan /drum -rim ,typewriter case drum kit ,and the keyboards ,and drum machine ,as well as other instruments from time to time . But the no bass thing ,kinda came out of the fact that none of us had a bass ,and we liked sounding like the Electric Eels!Oddly-titled songs ,sit nicely next to more traditionally titled tunes. My favorite moment here is Joel doing his best Jonathan Richman impersonation (Chipmonk and I play The Modern Lovers!) ,on the original song ,"I'm Shot , I'm Shot" ,which sounds like an out-take of one of the Modern Lovers more ballady ,love-song type of deals! "7 To A Box No Corners" is a funny tale of drunk driving ,and the last song ,"Fellers" , is a stoned-out , chillin' instrumental. So there! Our 23rd(!!) release ,from Nov. 30th ,1991.


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