Monday, December 19, 2011

ZATH - Zonked Alcoholic Tinsel Humbug -2011 xmas

ZATH's second Christmas album (last year's "Zither Away The Holidays" ,was a real hit!) ,leads off with a decidedly un-christmas song ,Lennonburger's ode to Ronald Reagan ,"Reagum"! There are trashings of traditional xmas songs ,and very original carols for the future children.There is also a non-album track coming out on the,"Sluggisha's Xmastravaganza III" compilation ,due any day now! Some favorite titles include ,"Hark,The Herald Beefing Ting Ting E.P." , "Do You Oi What I Oi?" , "Merry Anarchistmas" , "No Beer Under The Christmas Tree" , "The Little Dum Boy Who Fell Out Of A Whore" ,"A Very GG Allin Christmas" ,as well as many more. Also included is ZATH's very first instrumental ,"Don't Invite Bob Over On Christmas ,Because He Will Ruin Everything" ,featuring Bob ,of Cauliflower Ass & Bob on trumpet! (Bob actually plays trumpet on a lot of tunes here!) The last track ,"Crucial Christmas" is a Crucial Youth xmas song (the music) ,and Food gives the rundown on his Crucial Youth vinyl collection ,while admitting he has never heard the xmas e.p. ,and pontificating over the music of "Christmastime For The Skins". And dig that wacky art ,drawn as only Food can do it!This is the best xmas album you will hear this year!!


clobbersaurus said...

Another wonderful Christmas mess!
Thanks for doing what you do....

S. William said...

Bob is the greatest trumpet player ever.

M said...

Weird, great fun, thanks for posting. altough i usually don't listen to 128 kb/s mp3, but maybe this'll be available as cdr on 100%0 or somewhere.

Belette Malade said...

weirdest x-mas ever. thanks for posting.
128kb/s isn't quite the fun, but hopefully 100%0 or someone will come up with a cd-r.

(please delete my last comment, written with the "wrong" account ;)