Thursday, December 8, 2011

ONE FELL SWOOP - Lackadaisical

the 25th (!!?!!) album by the underground's greatest unknown band! There are some fun ,short songs ,strewn throughout ,"Spam-Bo-Ree" is 45 seconds long ,"Theme From Snail Man" , 15 seconds ,"Barbed Wire Guitars" ,18 seconds and there's even "Lunch With The Centurions" ,a 27 second piece of coversation. "I'm Not A Schmuck" ,another song that landed on the band's live set list ,appears here in it's original form. "This Is A New Experience" ,features answering machine messages ,set to cacaphonous music.And there's lot's more! This is an experimental album ,with alt-rock/indie-punk songs ,stringing it together.Ft. Myers ,Fl ,recorded at the Cat Machine House on 12/7/1991. The original session for these tracks was on 12/5/1991 ,but that recording was lost or destroyed ,forcing a full re-recording of the entire album!

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winston95 said...

That is one fucking awesome album cover dude.