Thursday, July 14, 2011


This guy sent in a second tape ,and you can hear it this time!! Different from the first recording,this is more guitar based,and noisy. He even kicks in with some GG Allin lyrics,(Bite It You Scum), on the second track, "This One Will Never Sell,They'll Never Understand" !Keep sendin in your stuff ,dude ,I'll post it all! Here's what he had to say about this :

"holy shit thank you for posting this, i have one more that you can have if you'd like. the quality is way the hell better. it was recorded about 2 months before "the microphone is fucked" in the same kitchen. kaagootaabaa is something i had to start doing because nobody else wanted to form a band with me. they all suck. the ones that did wanted to play fuckin freebird covers all night. well fuck that, i said, ill make noise...and thats way better than another fuckin freebird cover right? heres Fuck Warped!"

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