Thursday, July 14, 2011


This was sent in by a guy,(Ruby Showers), from the Seattle area of WA. There's a lot to digest here,it's really fucking cool stuff,and it's a compilation of a bunch of his bands.I'll let him elaborate further :

"Rocky Dennis Picture Show
Family Christmas
Experimental Grindcore

Family Christmas is technically the first album by Rocky Dennis Picture Show, but is
really just a compilation of past material by Ruby Showers and Abortion Bandito before
forming Rocky Dennis Picture Show, recorded from 2006 to 2010. Most songs were
improvised jams with friends using a cheap Yamaha keyboard and an electric guitar, while a
few others were a little more constructed.

Track Information:
1-48: Noise recorded on Ruby Showers' cassette player between 2009 and 2010.
Referred to by Ruby Showers as Robert Reed And The AIDS Brigade.

49-57: Ruby Showers' first grindcore project, Intestinal Slave Poetry, recorded in late 2008.
These 9 songs are the only songs that still exist, while the rest (At least 50) were lost in 2009.

58-67: An electronic instrumental black metal band formed by Ruby Showers in 2009 called
Lord Chocula. This is the only album, Call Ov The Moondwarf.

68-80: Gutterslut, Abortion Bandito's main band, originally known as Brain Rape. The band
was around from mid-2006 to 2009. Also in the band were Abortion Bandito's friends. This is
the entire debut album by Gutterslut, titled Attack Of The Raging Nipple Monsters. Tracks 68
and 72 feature Ruby Showers (Drum machine on track 68, vocals on track 72).

80-82: Two of the only existing songs by Hippotown, a project much like the first 48 tracks,
recorded in late 2006 by Ruby Showers and a friend. There were about 30 songs made. "


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kaagootaabaa said...

man this and all the other really weird grindcore you've posted (along with my cd!!THANKYOU!) is really fucking awesome.