Saturday, July 9, 2011

STRYKER - Ride The Lightning

This is an extremely rare collection of,demos,out-takes ,and unreleased stuff ,from my high school chum's band ,Stryker. I know many people out there are looking for more of this classic mid-80's hard rock/heavy metal band. This is after the album was released,and Steve and Sarah were living on the fish farm.Sarah sings in her Pat Benatar/Lita Ford style, Steve does some vocals,and he brought in another singer,I think his name was Mark? He sounds like Rob Halford of Judas Priest fame,and the music is of the same mold.There is some humor ("Frogheads",about old folks) ,an Alice Cooper chestnut, some instrumentals,and a few songs that almost resemble Rush! "The Last Free Man" ,is close to sounding similar to Rush's "Tom Sawyer",and "Spirit" ,is also in that realm.This is the only copy of these recordings,and on my posting of their only album , I included 10 more unreleased tracks,in case you didn't notice, (get it here : ,which are in line with what we have here.Last I heard ,Steve was composing music for various video games. I'd like him to contact me ,and maybe I can get some more Stryker stuff from him! Thanks ,Steve and Sarah ,for all the tunes,and all the good times!If you are at all into any metal , this will get your blood pumping!

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