Thursday, July 14, 2011

CAT MACHINE - Pathetic Jonesing

Yes ,that's Sluggisha the Cat,in his Elvis get-up,in downtown Ft. Myers ,because this is when Cat Machine ,"left the building" ,so to speak.This is the 50th recording made by this under-appreciated,underground,outsider,cult-band,and it was to be their last ,at least of this era. 9 perfect studio recordings from Ed,Joel,Tony,Chipmonk,and Billy.Recorded July 13,1991 ,20 years ago,yesterday. There is a rehearal tape from Sept 2,1991 (which I will post on that date!) ,for a gig at the old rock club ,"Norma's" ,at which an A & R person, was coming to observe us,both of which never materialized,which spelled the end of Cat Machine.Ed ,Tony, and Joel ,reformed later as the "Projek Pimps" for one tape,and there is also ,"Litterbox" ,the greatest hits comp, and "The Last Newest One " ,where Vance replaces Chipmonk,and also the phenomenal 10 disc cross-section of every tape posted ,"The Mystery,The History,And Shit" ,all of which can be found on this here blog ,as well as,(now), the whole catalog of their year-long journey into indie-band cassette-label territory!

Since this is the end of this series,and because of the importance of this band to the Ft. Myers,FL underground scene ,I am compiling covers of Cat Machine songs,as played by other artists! Please ,if you are in a band,you know someone in a band,you are a band,download some Cat Machine,record a cover version,and send it in to me! When I get enough submissions,I will put together a compilation,and may even have it for sale ,before it is posted on this or any other blog! So please ,if you need help with lyrics,let me know,I have every word ever written ,stored away in the vault! You can contact me thru the comments box,I will get in touch with you!


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vulture said...

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yeah I will put a link on my blog, It looks interesting, obscure, weird goodies, I like that. I'll dig into it later..
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