Monday, July 25, 2011

FRED HOTH & BIG BED - Fish Rocks

A fine example of suburban home made punk rock ,of the 1,2,3,4 GO!!! style,which sounds as if they've been playing these songs for years,in other words ,Fucking Great!! ! This is Doug Boone ,Mike Smith ,and Brian Reed ,and someone plays bass on some of this too! These guys were also in the bands ,"Kindergarden Terror" , and "Pigtales" ,which is posted somewhere else on this blog! If you love kids playing slam-dancin',funny as hell ,punk rockin' songs ,then this is for you ( I know you would totally be into this ,Ashey!!) . A cover of Sonny & Cher's ,"I Got You, Babe" ,from this recording ,was featured on last year's massive 100 band compilation , "Popeil Punk / K-Tel Kore" ,also to be found elsewhere on this here blog! Plus they cover Devo's ,"Whip It" ,with funny results.And how can you not download this , with songs like ,"I'm Going To Move Into An Apartment With Ted Nugent's Mom" , "Phil Donahue Smokes Crack" , "If We Can Walk Together ,Why Can't We Mosh Together?" , "The Day They Kicked Lizzie Borden Out Of R.E.M." ,and other hilarious titles. And the album title ,does it have anything to do with John "Fish" ,from Record Bar?(later Tracks). And the lyrics are even funnier ,some border on GG Allin's foul mouthed librettos! Doug gave me this tape years ago, and I highly recommend it! I'm hoping one of the guys from this band will contact me,and maybe shed more light on this great lost Ft. Myers band!!

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Pedro McWaterski and His Mighty Tornado of Puppies said...

I vaguely remember this. Other than Chachi and me, I really can't recall who was involved. We kidnapped and drugged so many people back then that it's hard to keep track. I don't believe that this was actually a proper band. Most likely, we just recorded it as an excuse to sexually assault Catholic priests and stuff.