Thursday, July 7, 2011

THE OUTWARD GATE -Various Artists Compilation

Food sent this in ,a weird comp. featuring bands involved in the Spokane,WA noise scene of the mid to late 90's.Originally released on the Turbulent Mechanics label in 1997,this is a re-release from Witchcraft,The Other White Meat label co-op ,from this year of 2011.Other distributors include Stan at Reality Impaired in Joplin ,MO,also Disorderly Domain in UT. ,Sephirotic Publishing in St. Louis, MO ,as well as Food himself on his Wheelchair Full Of Old Men imprint. There are 9 bands,each plays a track ,which melds into the next one.Split into 2 parts ,Passage One and Passage Two ,as to protect the continuity of the proceedings.Really weird,bizzaro noise stuff,some louder than others. Pretty fuckin' cool shit,here,says I!!

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