Thursday, July 14, 2011

SKINDUST - Live Demo For The Corporation

Spaceship Andy and Frank Silverberg ,of Seattle ,Earth ,sent in this amazing noisecore recording,that you simply must hear! Sounding at times like a more grindcore ,XJudJudX, or even Beavis and Butthead ,if they formed a noisecore band! Here's a bunch of info from the boys:

Band: Skindust
Album: Live Demo For The Corporations
Genre: Noisecore
Label: Organic Gang Bang Records
Release Date: May 31st, 2011

Track Listing:
01 Intro
02 Frank Silverberg
03 I Left My Kid At The Daycare
04 The Government Is Bad And Stuff
05 Asshole Titties
06 Asshole Titties, Part Deux
07 Technical Malfunction
08 Da Da Da Dun Dun Dun
09 The Bagel Shop In Brooklyn (Spicy Bagels)
10 Basement Fucker In G Major
11 I Fucked Your Wife, Part Deux
12 The Neighbors Are Gonna Complain Soon
13 Rhythm
14 I Can't Pay My Taxes
15 Fight Music
16 Fuck The Russians
17 The Jew Bagel Aliens
18 Careful, We Don't Wanna Get Too...
19 What Was The Name Of This Song Again?
20 Manly Guys Doing Manly Guy Things
21 Chicago Bath House Anal Terror
22 I Just Discovered That I'm A Quarter Black
23 This Smells Like My Fingers
24 I Feel Like I'm On Cough Syrup
25 Pump Up Da Jamz
26 Doo Wop Blues (Slug On My Door)
27 Frank Silverberg's Unfortunate Plight
28 I Haven't Laughed That Hard Since Vietnam
29 Where Did The Mexican Come From?
30 Reggaeton (All Night Long)
31 Strep Alorfe
32 Reep Flortars
33 How The Fuck Do You Do This?
34 Shit In My Piss
35 Spaceship Andy In: Space Adventure!
36 Retard Space Adventure
37 I Wanna Hear Some Sex Pistols!
38 Getting Down With Our Respective Bad Selves
39 4 Years Old With AIDS
40 My Ass Feels Sludgy And I'm On Mars
41 Internet Chess
42 My Wife Cheated On Me At The Movie Theater/Hey!
43 I See What You Did There
44 Waltz Of The Death!
45 I Used To Play A Lot Of Nintendo When I Was A Boy, But Then I Turned 12
46 Shake That Funky Groove Machine
47 Nude Beach On The Sun
48 Beating Baby Seals
49 The NBC Theme Song
50 Martin Has A Hard-On For Movie Theaters
51 Embryo Fetish
52 The Only Better Way To Fix Abortions Is To Fuck Guys In The Ballsack
53 More Rhythm
54 Geppetto Sunrise
55 Mitchell Henderson
56 I Have Fears Of Being An Astronaut Sometimes Because I Might Get Attacked By Wolves
57 Whale Tenders
58 Um, Uh...
59 I Impregnate Fat Black Ladies From The Ghetto And Give Them Seal Babies (But They Don't Notice The Difference)
60 One Time, I Rode The Bus, And My Pants Were On Fire
61 My Ass Smells Like Cheetos
62 What Time Is It?
63 Puppies In Orbit
64 I Can't Hear!
65 Grandma
66 Christ Pop
67 I Can't Feel My Legs Under My Knees
68 And Then
69 Fuck Time-Life
70 Peanut Butter Vodka
71 Pro Boner
72 I Got Orange Shit In My Legs
73 I Can Almost Feel My Feet Again!
74 Aliens In Outer Space
75 Sunday Evening
76 Abort Every German Because Hitler (And Volkswagon)
77 My Brother Is Dead In The Hospital From Minor Scrapes And Burns
78 78 Drunken Banter (Intro 2)
79 Veronica
80 How The Fuck Am I Driving?
81 Fuck The Record Labels, Man
82 Tax Peterson Interviews Frank Silverberg About Today's Burning Issues
83 Look At Those Barricades On The Side Of The Bridge
84 Speed Limit: 35
85 Drum Rhythm Of The African Booty
86 Society And All Of It's Sins
87 Hyundais On Sundays
88 Riverview Bvld S
89 Freestylin' With DJ Skidmarx & Bulgarian Bar Mitzvah
90 Roundabout Blues
91 Let's Go To Church!
92 We Are The Traffic
93 Fuck The SeaTac Police
94 Let's Drive On The Meridian
95 Hesitation
96 Disappointment
97 Here We Go!
98 40 Avenue South?
99 Roundabout Ahead
100 Following A Taxi
101 What If Louis CK Liked Aphex Twin?
102 Fuck Me Like...
103 Still Following The Taxi
104 Still Following The Taxi, Part Deux
105 Reserved Parking
106 Taxi, Holy Fuck
107 Taxi Family/Frank Shows Concern
108 You Want To Finger My Balls?
109 Ode To Flora Peters
110 Frank Drifts Like A Drunken Cunt
111 Speed Limit: 5
112 Speed Limit: 75
113 Speed Limit: 7
114 Speed Limit: 1
115 Speed Limit: 855
116 Ballad Of Veronica
117 Where's My Ass?
118 I Have To Jizz On Baby Squirrels

Frank Silverberg - Vocals, Keyboard, Paper Towel Roll, Car
Spaceship Andy - Vocals, Guitar, Keyboard, Paper Towel Roll

Tracks 1-77 were recorded on May 3rd, 2011 at Spaceship Andy's apartment after a healthy
meal of gypsy salad.

Tracks 78-117 were recorded on May 6th, 2011 while the members of Skindust were drunk
and taking a cruise around town late at night.

Track 118 was recorded on May 28th, 2011 at a party working on killing their livers slowly.


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