Sunday, July 24, 2011

40 WATT GELATIN - The Neat As Shit Album

Food sent in a wealth of discs this week ,and I'll start here.First off ,this band rules! The singer sounds wasted,and the band strumbles along ,somewhat drunkenly,I can only imagine!Short punk sonnets,on a number of subjects ranging from , the"United Steaks Of America" ,to "Cops Are No Fun" , from ,"34 Pound Cyst" , to other equally far flung ideas involving gum,garbage,filth,boredom,religion,politics ,and much more. And the covers are also ,as always,a welcome expectation! Butthole Surfers (2x!) ,Angry Samoans , Devo ,and Nomeansno,
are all honored ,as only the 40 Watt boys can play them! Funny ,funny stuff. Tardcore punk,as you should know.Thanks mucho ,Mr. Food!!

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