Sunday, July 24, 2011

BUZZ WORKSHOP - Teenage Diaries -Part Two (Prom Nite And The Days Following)

This is part two of the diary concept album ,played and sang by Billy , Joel ,and Tall Ray,(part one is the post below this one!). So in this episode ,Prom Nite is here ,then it's off to a heavy metal party,where the loud music kinda camoflages the ringing noises in his head,and where some blotter acid is dispensed, a dose of which meets our subject's brain(thinking maybe that ,will quell the noisy ,highly-pitched sounds,ringing in his skull !) .The trip started out alright , but the ringing didn't stop, and he was headed on a bummer which lead to heavy thoughts, feelings of insanity , crossing the tracks towards insanity ,and finally succumbing to it's natural pull. Recorded the day after part one ,and the concept is not lost on me.There are vocals on nearly every track here,to further help you understand the concept,whereas on part one ,the soundtrack was all instrumental.

I didn't really go into the story on part one ,but here goes. The kid was always gawky ,and he got a nose job (several weeks prior to the prom). He gets the bandages removed ,and the doctor finds he did a shoddy job. So he has to bust his nose again ,to re-set it. The pain of his nose being broken again ,leads to a screaming ringing in his ears , which begins the quick slide towards insanity.The thought of knowing he soon will have to go to prom (Mom already picked up his tux) ,with the bandages over his nose (embarassing),and the incessant ringing noises ,he gets totally wasted drunk. Then he realizes that he can't hear anything or anyone but the noise.He falls to his bed ,drunken ,and the room is spinning. He awakens on the morning of prom ,like a turtle grumping out of his den.Everything is moving ,and his head is pounding. And the noise is louder,yet he's grown used to it ,when he was passed out.He orders a pizza with everything. When it arrives he pays the delivery guy, and inhales the whole pizza while watching a kids show about marionette puppets ,made of vegetables , climbing mountains. Later that day he gets dressed up,and heads for prom.On the way there ,he almost gets jumped, by some younger kids ,who then see his nose ,and leave him alone. He rips the bandages off ,and walks thru the school's front doors ,to the prom ,to hopefully score ,chicks or drugs!

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