Sunday, July 24, 2011


Thanks to Hans ,my pal in Germany ,for sending in this experimental/ black/electro/psych/
porn/doom/noise/metal band's ,first disc in!(how's that for a band description?!!). His cousin is the drummer. Weird instrumentals,vocals only show up in the form of a few samples before a couple songs.Really cool,and strange ,creates an atmospheric haze ,which blankets the whole proceedings.The song titles are like those of a porn-grind band,but they are not quite that thrashin' ,musically.And the band photos and aliases. (in the zipfile), are hysterical! Makes you think about stuff ,you usually don't think about, (or maybe you do, I don't know).Thinking man's music ,nonetheless!

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kaagootaabaa said...

this shit is insane. seriously heavy fuzz fuckin shit you described it best. THANKS!!!