Sunday, July 24, 2011

BUZZ WORKSHOP - Teenage Diaries -Part One (The Week Leading Up To Prom Nite)

This is a 2 part concept album,as I surmised upon listening.The band line-up on this day was ,Joel Rizzo ,Billy Drake , & Tall Ray . Mike Smith plays the drums on the first 3 tracks here , and Billy's not on the first song. Anyways ,as you listen ,and view the song titles,it all becomes very apparent. You're seeing,hearing,and believing things ,a teenage boy would ,as time is creeping up on prom nite. The artwork ,was drawn ,I think , by Billy ,(small signature ,bottom right corner),but I may be wrong , and it depicts the view from Joel's living room couch. Recorded the same day as the ,"Creeps Taking Dope" sessions , April 13,1996.At 5455 studios.In beautiful mid-town Crime Manor , Ft. Myers. Really good band,they never cease to explore the options and calvacades of sound! This is part one, where the story unfolds thru an instrumental soundtrack, part two is posted above this ,and there are vocals on nearly every track. Good indie/punk/alt-rock sounds!

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