Tuesday, March 31, 2009

THE EAT-god punishes the eat 7"

that's right , I punish the eat,ha,ha
i remember checking the price on this about 15 yrs. ago and it was about $100.00,hell,merle allin told me he'd give me a hundred for mine.no way i got this for a dollar from the reed boys when they were tranzitioning from punks to dead heads.any way really slick new york/miami band,plus as a bonus i put their best tune"communist radio"from the 2nd single,and the crumbs covered it early on in their careerhttp://www.mediafire.com/file/nwozlgwjzdm/the eat.zip

G O D.


Anonymous said...

Wanna buy my copy for only $99????!!!Last time I looked they have some recent videos on youtube.Any chance of posting their compilation"It Isn't The Eat -Its The Humidity"?

Ken K said...

Hey man you did right not to sell it to that fucking money-grabber Pinky Allin. Depeche Merle would have gone sold it right away. That coat tail riding prick would sell his fucking grandmother. Nice post!