Saturday, March 28, 2009


I think this is rare.only 8 tracks,5 from the Too Fast For Love album and 3 from the not yet recorded Shout At The Devil.That song is here in it's embroyonic state,Vince Neil is making noises like he's singing,but you can tell he either didn't write lyrics for this yet or it was so new he forgot the words,also on Red Hot he has not many lyrics,Looks That Kill sounds more together like they were playing that for a while,the band sounds tight,the recording quality is ace,and following on the heels of the Moshhawks post,this was kinda crossover,these street punks playing metal with a punk of my faves, at least the early stuff,the Leathur Records version of Too Fast is the best.hey check this out it's really good. G O D. 

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