Monday, March 16, 2009


...and here they are,america's newest hit-makers with that happenin' tall dwarves sound,the candy butchers!...,or so goes the intro to one of their songs,in tandem with a neil young cover and a velvet underground cover,that almost covers the spectrum of their sound,kinda folky-country-psych,with humor and fun.chipmunk and joel rizzo are the phenomenal duo who produced this recording,and it rocks rather well according to the description in the old sluggisha catalog"duo of drug-laced dudes,in a smelly bedroom,cranking out poppy/psych/rock/punk numbers,and sounding cool".i can't think of another duo that wields this exact sound,but if there is ,these guys rule the roost.there are other"candy butchers"out there (as a band name)but this is the only real CANDY BUTCHERS.cover art by steve reed,samples by gotta have this! G O zip file here: 

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dude thanks for posting this lil lost but could u zip it and re post cuz this "one file at a time" shit is for the birds?? ya :)