Saturday, March 28, 2009


the MOSHHAWKS were a crossover band before crossover existed.back in high school i was the only punk and i hung out with metalheads and idea was always to combine punk and metal to please both crowds.then metallica,megadeth,slayer an others arrived on the scene to use my idea.the guitar style i was going for was a greg ginn/ace frehley can hear that in here as well as influences like d.r.i.,black flag,black sabbath,minor threat,misfits,g.g.,etc.not in chronological order,the recording and sound quality's kinda like:skate punk metal thrash mosh horror rock.lots of topics are covered,fat chicks,beer,bongs,outer space,vampires,death,satan,suicide,pigs(cops),zombies,skating ,surfing,self-abuse,h/c lifestyle etc.i had a mohawk and anthrax just started mosh music  i combined the two for an original hair and band name.there are some straight out hard core and punk songs as well as metal tunes and an amalgamation of the 2 genres.don't be put off by anything here,just listen and i'll take you back to the mid to late 80's and you'll like it.mostly me on all instr.and vox.full band had skullz on bass and snax on drums.still have more of this exciting band to post and i will.this is something people have been searching for and requesting so i thought i'd oblige and post it.also a special shout out to my biggest fan,christian "ashey"macdonald. enjoy! G O D. 

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