Sunday, March 29, 2009


this is my kid's first actual band with songs that have somewhat of a structure.eddie and eric,9 and 6 at the time of this tape(3/13/08),have been around and playing instruments since they were babies,and me being their dad,you know they're gonna be punk rockin' little hellions.for me the best stuff is the acapella numbers at the second half of this recording.eric does a version of al yankovic's "trapped in the drive thru",that is funny as all get out,over 10 minutes long.they just made a new tape,exactly one year after the date of this one,and changed their name to "METAL WARRIORS",and they sound more metal now,especially eddie on guitar.well if you likes this i'll put up the new soon!give my kids comments,people,and take it easy,they're just kids.p.s. artwork by eddie(bottom)and eric(top)(photo and hair by big daddy)

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Anonymous said...

You kids are CRAZY!!..tell Dad to hook you up with some drums, or a good-sounding machine!!

When are you going to play LIVE?