Sunday, March 15, 2009

GENERATION XL:in love with lisa suckdog

another rarity,of which copies were bought by thurston moore of sonic youth,boyd rice,and other indie scene celebs,features 3 bands from sluggisha's stable,FUCK,ASSEATER,and FLOWERS OF DARKNESS. also has some demented old guy,who is probably one of lisa's more insane stalker fans,tying the tracks together.weird takes on already weird material.lisa carver is an unknown to most talent.this needs heard,download now,from tony boies again.
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kingpossum said...

Great blog! Any chance you can post the King Flux single that Richie Stotts released after the Plasmatics?


kitty magic said...

hey this blog is really great - heaps of good stuff here!!! upload some of those rare suckdog 7 inches!!!