Saturday, March 14, 2009


Terrorist rock of the highest order,these guys only performed in ski masks while brandishing weapons.Mad Asshole on bass and vocals,Big Black Cock on guitar,and Shaggy Dick on drums,this stuff was recorded in the twilight time,at Club Black Nerd.All improv ,1-2-3-go! style,and it works like a charm,last track is a bonus ,live at the Draft House at One Fell Swoop's last show,just 1-2-3-go and we started a band.Covers of Rik L Rik,Black Flag,GG Allin,Angry Samoans,Sonic Youth,Simpletones,Ramones.Think Drunks With Guns meets Flipper and they have a pot of tea and listen to the first 7 Black Sabbath albums,it's that good.More to come,sadly no live vids or audio,only got one gig,due to name,announced on FM radio by Naughty Nikki,as the band so nasty we can't say their name on the air.She showed up and we delayed the show cuz we wouldn't play till she left.She asked me,"when are you gonna play"? ,to which I replied,"with myself,tonite"!A kid in the audience stood in front of me as I sang and bassed and in between songs I asked him if he liked K-Rock.he said yes and I whipped out a seemingly real pistol and pointed it at his face,I swear the guy looked like he had a heart attack,all in good fun.I dressed in docs,ski mask,gold lame' briefs and that's all.Still have rehearsal tape of said gig,Cape Coral demos,and more,check this out and kill! G O D 

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Anonymous said...

hello man
I love noise-rock/industrial-punk
maybe you have any live video shows bootlegs stuff to trade of bnads like BIG BLACK,DRUNKS WITH GUNS,etc
I have tons to trade,if you want tot rade,email me almudeno69ATyahooDOTcom