Thursday, March 12, 2009

SEXBOY-full band demo

i wrote all the music and words and i sing,vance on bass,brophy on drums,jay on is what it is.we got some label interest while shopping this demo around,and an offer to appear on a closed circuit t.v. show in california,then i met a girl ,quit the band,moved away, got married,had kids,and here's the by niagara(destroy all monsters) customized by me(check out the license plate)click here for link 


premo-vs.-the world said...

I really dig this shit. Wish the guitar was louder but, overall, this is a good compilation of songs.

premo-vs.-the world said...

Hey man do you have SWILL w/ Fred Mullins, Jason Testasecca, and Louis??? Or actually anything with those guys? From those days??
email me..