Sunday, March 15, 2009

we suck worse-a tribute to SOCKEYE

even more rare SOCKEYE stuff,this here's a compilation of bands doing sockeye songs,and the funniest thing is that most of the bands have a member or more or have something to do with the actual SOCKEYE,so a tribute to themselves,in point of fact.still great stuff from tony boies' label,thought a suckdog tribute to put up soon,has some of the same artists plus 3 from the sluggisha stable,we were to late for the bus on the sockeye comp.but we made it for lisa.hey anyway i think this is rare(try a search on the web,nothing)and you may see the light.


Anonymous said...

A CD-R version of this will be available in the near future on, and the Suckdog tribute is available via

Rock ooooooonnnnnnn!!

Tony R. Boies

DC said...

Link to zip doesn't work