Sunday, March 29, 2009

UNCUT # 9 -1,2,3 (more structures for bored fuxtures)

this is supposed to be a concept album,but damned if i can find the concept,and i am the artist who created this work of aural painting.many many tapes exist,this is volume #9,and i chose this one because of the whole concept aspect.there are 123 seperate tracks but i could'nt split them without messing up the conceptual on pic for huge track list also incl. in zip file.mainly me playing broken records,on a turntable,plugged into a recorder,kinda mantra like.i have used these as samples in other capacities,and i suggest the tired old rap/hip-hop d.j.s use UNCUT tracks as samples on their recordings,to give that scene a kick in it's stupid ass.could drive you insane or inane if you let it,sounds equally as good as backround music as it does cranked full blast at those back yard bar-b-ques.look,don't take my word for it,just download now!incomparable to anything,you never heard this before anywhere,like music for robots and automatons.i have some 4 track recordings ,where i layer this stuff and i'll put that up if you like this.G O D .pt.1

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