Tuesday, March 10, 2009

SEXBOY-the original demos

vance jay me brophy

yes folks it's me solo again doing the original 88 songs on this demo,one of the greatest unknown punk bands in the world,i bet we coulda been green dayif someone knew us.started life as THE GABBAS,recorded all you hear here,went thru 5 different line-ups before hitting the right chemistry,and started doing live gigs.this is grade a punk rock in the vein of ramones,queers,dwarves,misfits,and other pop-punk greats.covers of ricky nelson,david bowie and the lower 1/3,the nerves,shoes,germs,sweet baby,buddy holly,the undertones,the weirdos,simpletones,and more.songs deal with drugs,being the outcast,love,girls,ther'es a surf instro,a 60's garage band rave-up,an 80's sounding emo style number,and just some flat out great punk.i did it alone,then vance joined me(i still wrote all music and lyrics)and then we tried mike smith,and tony rizzo.next group had jamie and mason plus us.finally mike brophy and jay(on guitar)sealed our fate.we played many live shows at various locales,mainly draft house,but also pyramids,lee county fairgrounds,offbeat records,the indigo room,and more.first gig ever our name was the gabbas,before we went on we decided on a name change.i had just been recording a bunch of germs,so i started calling out song titles,some audience members were around us as well,when i got to the part of the list and said," SEXBOY ",everyone looked at me and shut up.we then knew that was our name.i scribbled the name on a white t-shirt i was wearing ,crossed it out(like a girl gang covered our graffitti),and hit the stage.and history was made,for us at least.lots of live recordings,full band demo,videos,flyers,recordings of every line-up that existed,lots of early live stuff in my garage with vance as we worked out the set list.opened for lots of bands coming thru town,like the thumbs,bony fiend,more than that and lots of gigs with other locals.vance and broph always wanted me to play guitar too,but i did that in almost all my other bands ,and i just wanted to be the singer for once instead of multi tasking.jay our guitarist,came by way of the metal scene,and kinda fucked up my original style to a more metally style,which i think was a detriment,there was talk of getting little paul to replace him but he was too busy working.i think me vance and brophy all had our moments with him,but we made it thru.towards the end me and jay did a country style version called HICKBOY,and played a live set with the band once even.lots of coulda been hits here and if you have even a passing interest in punk or even rock just download this .i found SEXBOYwas one of the most searched labels on this blog.if you google it you'll get a bunch of nasty stuff that we don't have anything to do with,and we did cover the germs sexboy,and maybe now when you google sexboy you'll get this post that'll be cool.anyway lots more to come from this band,so stay tuned for that.below you can view a video of one of our most known songs,"ricky ricardo"live at the world famous draft house. CLICK HERE: http://archive.org/download/Sexboy-theOriginalDemos/060Sexboy-TheOriginalDemos.zip 


Anonymous said...

I only recall ONE instance of being approached about 'SEXBOY',
and Mike Smith had nothing to do with it--the idea was to put me on bass, and switch Vance to gtr, thus eliminating the 'metal element'. I came to one show, but left, cuz it wasn't my cup of tea.
Too 'punk' for my artsy-arse?!
I reckon it was...
SCHWAG was awesome, though.
Vance,me, Billy Drake, and Smith..
all instrumental mushroom-fuelled space-rock...played between Haleys and Putrid Teeth takes, remember?

-T. Rizzo

G O D said...

hey tony,yes you played at the one session and mike smith was on drums it is on tape and it did'nt pan out with that line-up,sorry you did'nt like it just tryin to be a punk rock band i guess, later

jcounce1 said...

I don't think I brought a Metal element. I was just used to playing very tight. Brophy was the same way. I loved the music we made. You and Vance were used to loosey goosey punk....Brophy and I were in "bar bands" at the time and were used to being tight. I think it made for a nice mix. I quit my other band because I loved what we were doing together at the time.
Love your site BTW Ed. Anymore cool Sexboy vids?