Monday, March 30, 2009

CHICKENHEAD-everything must go!

usually if you do a search for CHICKENHEAD on the web you get some kinda crappy rap song,but not anymore,now that we have this post,a tribute of a bygone era,went too fast.this is the kind of 7 " that would make ashey slamdance thru the house.
this is punk rock to the max.on a black flag damaged era tip,these guys gots the sound down.i wrote to emil at 4 and a half fingers records a lot in the day,and almost lined up a few gigs for SEXBOY to open for the CRUMBS,but alas it fell thru.wish CHICKENHEAD lasted longer,but they eventually formed into the CRUMBS.which i will post some of soon,mostly the early singles,stuff from a couple of comps,and the 10".but this is pre-CRUMBS,and let me tell you it rules.don't even second guess this ,just download it.lots of bonuses in the zip file such as,pics of inserts,t-shirts-and stickers.get this now!!G O D.p.s. these guys are from miami,fl.

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