Friday, October 1, 2010

SUBURBAN VOICE-dischord records tribute 7"

This is cool,came with an issue of Al Quint's crucial scribe,Suburban Voice magazine.Can't touch the originals,but still good.Minor Threat,Dag Nasty,Iron Cross,and Faith are covered by,Sinkhole,Horace Pinker,The Bruisers,and Shattered Silence,respectively.You know the bands,and songs,you love them, I need to upload the zine it came with on my Mediachrist blog!


Al said...

nice... glad to see you went to the trouble to rip it... -Al/SV

G O D said...

Thanks for the comment,Al I became a follower on your blogs,could you on mine ,too? Always enjoyed your zine,and writing! -G O D