Monday, October 18, 2010

MISFITS-Led Zep Sound Check-1997

This is from a soundcheck,before a show,where they do 2 Led Zeppelin songs,"Earth Angel",(the 50's doo-wop song by the Penguins),and a rare Misfits cut,"In The Doorway",all with Michale Graves on vocals.Pretty rare,and weird hearing these guys do Zeppelin!Cool for what it is. Note the autographs i got from the guys,back in 96,when they played the Pyramids in Ft.Myers,FL.

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Patriots Of The Wasteland said...

I like Michael Graves a lot, like most his solo stuff, etc.
This is worth it for the version of In The Doorway for me. I'm going to post a few Misfits related things here soon. Going to check out the Misfats after the Jonathan Grimm stuff. Thanks for all this Misfits stuff!