Friday, October 8, 2010

CAT MACHINE-Kroonchy Stars All-Loser Jam (We Suck, We Know It,And We Don't Care !)

The third tape from the "mighty" Cat Machine,is the core group of Tony & Joel Rizzo,Ed Wood (me) and special guests for the full duration of this outing are Chuck Connell,Billy Drake, and Vance Burdge.A lot of noise is kicked up,some real speaker shredding tunes,these are.There are a few early versions of songs that show up a few tapes later,sounding more song-like,specifically,"Plastic Jesus","Shit On A Stick","I'll Brain Ya !",and,"Whiskey For Lunch". Then a few more tapes after that,you have different versions of these songs : "Gov. Bob","Who The Hell Is Me Again?","Shit Lipstick", "36 Cents","Her Husband Was There",and "Lon Chaney Jr.'s Dead". Another few songs from this release appear on later tapes,in tweaked forms.Chuck holds down a lot of the jams,with his bass expertise,and Billy tears off a few good riffs.I noticed i did most of the vocals,but i think some of the other guys do some too.This is a great live document,recorded as most of the "Machine's" tapes were,direct to boombox.We did a lot of 4 -track recording,as well,but more sporadically than the live tapes,which averaged 1-2 ,90 minute tapes a week !Some of this may be harmful to pets and other living things,beware!!!
This was recorded on October 8th,1990.
There are two files cause it was so big,Make sure to get both parts for the full effect!!


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