Friday, October 15, 2010


The 500th post on this blog,and i give you 20 bands,either remixed,lost songs,or newly uncovered bands,from the master tapes vault!The 2nd birthday of this blog is fast approaching,as well as the 20th anniversary of Sluggisha,and we are just beginning our dive into the 20th anniversary of Cat Machine!We're goin' nowhere,we've been to the middle of nowhere,and we're still nowhere!I'll give you the play-by-play,so you know what's coming on this disc.
1.MINDFUCKERS-Holy Ghost- I think this is the band leading up to Centrifuge,Tony Rizzo on vocals,probably Vance and a few others.Good drug-rock ,Kryst The Conqueror riff.
2.CRAPOLA- C'mon Girl,Put On Yr. Pretty Skirt - a remixed version of a song about taking your girl downtown to hang at the coffee shop,and doing all the things there are to do there.
3.SEXBOY- Ann -A Stooges cover,recorded solo,near the end of the run of Sexboy.
4.THE FUN SLUTS- I Wish I Had Drugs/Taco Bell -a recently discovered couple of tunes,that was never mixed down.Real drums, near the end of their illustrious career.
5.THE JACKIE EARLE HALEYS- Jocks Vs. Freaks- a remix about the endless highschool war between 2 cliques
6.ONE FELL SWOOP-Bad Seeds -Live at the Corkscrew Ranch,unreleased til' now,with Vance on bass,on this cover of a Beat Happening tune.
7.SATANIC SEAMEN- Satellite Surfing- A mutant surf band,recorded in my garage,back in the day.A semi-tribute to the great surf/Tom Jones cover band,the Seamen.
8-VANCE BURDGE-Look At My Eyes- There is a lot of Vance's solo stuff in the vault.This is but one song,he probably wants more!
9-FLOWERS OF DARKNESS-To Walk The Night-A Samhain cover,never mixed down before,tho' we performed it live,acoustically,once.Our token goth band,vampires welcome.
10-INDUSTRIAL BELT B-38 -Martian Soda - a previously unreleased number,from the space rock duo,this is way in the future,man.Still ahead of their time.
11-BLOOD RED OSCARS-Scenes From A Bum's Rich Life -descriptive lyrics,classical music,and a tour of a bum's life.Crazy chipmunk vocals,tardcore to the max
12-BUZZ WORKSHOP-She Loves The Martians- from a practice tape,great sound!
13-CAT MACHINE-The Things To Come- a new mix on this one,happy 20th boys!
14-AUGUST SPIES-September Riots-I don't have the masters,but i tried to clean this up,and it sounds better,from an early demo tape.
15-ASSEATER-Invisible World-a previously unreleased song,the last thing they recorded,in fact.
16-MYOPIA-Hourglass -the Ft. Myers psych contingent.No masters,but a better sounding recording
17-BLUE CIRCLE-Caught In My Eye-the Germs acoustic cover band,remixed for your pleasure
18-KILLERSVILLE-Labor Day-The instrumental trio is remixed on this one
19-MEDIA OVERLOAD RECORD-Son Of The Monster From The Bottomless Pit-- A band that was a precursor to bands like Noisekillr,and Uncut,this recording has like 10 different audios,going on at the same time.Disorienting
20-THE WORKING CLASS SLOBS-Do You Want Some Of Me - title swiped from Myopia,this street punk,working class skinhead band,rips on this!

And there you have it.A cross section celebration of some of the great bands on this blog!Enjoy! thanks , leave comments,please!!

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