Thursday, October 7, 2010

TACO THE WONDER DOG-covers the hits again

This band is like the Residents,in that no one knows their true identities.Musically they are more like Japanese noise-core meets Costes,or Zappa,Beefheart,and the aforementioned Residents,if they were in a hardcore band together.Some of the music here is really well played,maybe too much so,but most is pure ear noise.There's one track early on,that twinges your ears when you listen too closely.Weird sounds,from unknowns.Google them,lots of video,cartoons,art,couldn't find much music though.Most sites with Taco,have been closed down.I know one member of this band,who sent this to be posted,and would like to remain anonymous.This person is on my blogroll,with a blog of their own.That's all the info you get,on that matter.The zip is full of interesting artwork,and i seen a document that has Hemmeroy Rogers name on it.Luckily it does not sound like him.Anyway,really cool stuff ,from a really cool person,who was in this band .Any body wanna elaborate further on this? please refer to the comments box below ! thanks for sending this in,you know who you are!Much appreciated!!


Anonymous said...

Is there a chance you can repost this? I've been looking for this album everywhere and this is the closest I've gotten. Thank you so much!

Anonymous said...

Could you repost this please? I've been looking for this album everywhere, and this is the closest I've gotten. Thank you so much!